RK’s poetry archive

Scenes from The Bookstore

Hi! welcome in. ...smile... Hello. Two eighteen. eighty-two cents is your change..., would you like a receipt or a bag? Have a nice day! ...smile

I volunteer with Sandra. She is kind and spiritual. We have much in common. Seeing her weekly makes me happy. We tell about our weeks and lives. It's strange without her. She always beats me here. We feel bad about annexing books. This is my favorite part of the week.

I like to find clovers after. I know the place.

Every week the same guy comes in. He is friends with Sandra. smile... Hi. Oh, hello! How are you? They talk.

The mailman is friends with my father. Hello Hello. Quick in and out.

Twice has the same man come in, once being with his wife. He pretends to throw his donation at me. I know you would have caught that. He is funny, he is sweet with his wife. Hard to capture the picture, I hope to be like them someday.

A young couple came in. bag of books. Infertility. . They looked happy. I hope so.

A lady called soon after I opened the shop & asked if it was a good time to donate. Yes. She came in soon after with a woven crate of books. Would you like your container back? Ummm, yes, I think I would. I'm just cleaning out before I move ... out in the Green. more land. I have two Border Collies. I'd like to get some chickens. Give them [the dogs] some jobs.
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A girl came in. I recognize her from my childhood. We raised an inchworm together. Can we be friends? We already are. ... I have some books to donate. OK, I'll take them. ...smile....... We'll be back.

I enjoy smiling at all who come in. : I smile so wide I feel ridiculous. I love to Be here for three hours a week. I love to earn a glimpse into people's lives. I like seeing others happy. I like to bring other's joy. ... Smile